With an 18% Increase, Coal Production Touches 448 Million Ton in October

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Coal Ministry Aims 45 MT Stock with Power Plants by March 2023

The total coal production in the country stands at 448 million tonnes (MT) as of October 2022 which is 18 % higher than the production of the corresponding period of last year.  The growth of coal production from Coal India Ltd (CIL) is also more than 17%.  The Ministry of Coal is planning to build stock at domestic coal-based plants to the tune of 30 million tonnes by the end of November 2022.  It has the plan to keep building the stock so that by the end of 31st March 2023, Thermal Power Plants (TPP) stock go up to 45 million tonnes.  It is further planned to enhance coal stock at the pithead. 

During the first seven months this year, there is a 9 % growth in average rakes per day availability which is helping to transport higher quantities of coal and build up stocks at power plants.  Ministry of Power is also augmenting the transportation of coal through rail-cum-road mode.  CIL has communicated the quota for the RCR mode of lifting to all the power-generating companies for the next eight months.  This will help power-generating companies to plan transportation logistics in advance.  

Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Ministry of Power, Railways and Coal are working together to promote the transportation of coal through sea routes.  So far transportation of coal from MCL to Paradip by rail and thereafter to power plants on the Eastern Coast is being made through the rail-sea-rail route.  The government is promoting the transportation of coal from coal mines in the eastern parts of the country to power plants located on the western coast or northern parts of the country.  Accordingly, the capacity of coal transportation to Paradip is being augmented.  It is planned to start a movement of coal for western coast plants through RSR by early next year.  The government is planning to promote the transportation of coal through all three possible modes. 

 The Ministry of Coal is closely monitoring issues related to the production, transportation and quality of domestic coal.

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