Opposition parties’ positions are so bad that people are not even entertaining them – Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann

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This election will not make any difference to Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi, but the victory of AAP candidate will encourage our spirits – Mann

 Give me just one more year, if you don’t like my work, I will not come to ask for votes in 2024 – Mann

 Congress and Akali leaders looted the public money, currency counting machines were found from their homes – Mann

 CM Mann held a road show in favour of ‘AAP’ candidate Sushil Rinku in Halka Adampur

 Jalandhar, May 2

 Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Tuesday held roadshow in Halka Adampur in favor of Sushil Kumar Rinku, the Aam Aadmi Party’s candidate for the Jalandhar Lok Sabha by-election, and appealed to the people to make AAP’s candidate win.

 Addressing the people during the roadshow, Chief Minister Mann said that the condition of Congress, Akali Dal and BJP is so bad in Punjab that people do not even like to entertain them anymore.

 He said that the Congress-Akali leaders, while in power, looted public money instead of working for the public. Now, in raids, currency note counting machines are being found from the houses of these people. From this it can be estimated how much money these people would have looted from Punjab.

But our government has completely eradicated corruption from Punjab. Within a year, we took action against hundreds of corrupt officers, employees and leaders and sent them to jail. We will not spare anyone who was involved in corruption. We will recover the looted money from them and will put that money in Punjab’s treasury.

 Appealing to the people of Jalandhar to make the AAP candidate win, the Chief Minister said that this election is not going to make any difference to the BJP and the Congress. But the victory of ‘AAP’ candidate Sushil Rinku will boost our spirits, after which we will work even harder for the development of Punjab.

 He asked people to trust them and said that they made Mann CM with a huge majority. He asked people to give him just one more year to work and said, “If you don’t like my work or there is any allegation of corruption against me, then I promise you that I will not come to you to ask for votes in the 2024 elections.”

 Chief Minister Mann said that Sushil Rinku will be the voice of Punjab and Jalandhar in the Lok Sabha and will bring central funds for the development. “I know how to get central funds and how to use them for the development of the people. I will guide Sushil Rinku like an elder brother,” said Mann.

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